Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, Do You Own a Muffin Pan...?

This is an easy-peasy little sorting activity to prepare for your preschooler. Mine will do it over and over several times. I just keep adding another item to increase the “difficulty!” All you need is a muffin tin and then six or more “collections” of small items that your child can sort out into the separate muffin cups.

Think of little things you have around such as:
paper clips
safety pins
dry macaroni noodles
dry beans
small blocks
small rubber balls
wooden beads
rubber bands
game pieces such as checkers
puzzle pieces
alphabet letters

Mix the items all together in a bowl or pan and then show your child how to sort the like things together in each muffin cup. After they do it a time or two, you could make it more challenging by having them sort by color, size, or shape instead.

To make it more toddler-friendly, choose just a couple of categories and maybe three of each item. They may need lots of guidance and praise to get the hang of it.

Of course, if your child tends to puts things in their mouth, DO NOT use any items that would be a choking hazard. Stay close by while they sort, just in case! This may be a good activity to do while baby is napping.

And I would advise not using food items like cereal pieces that will get mixed with dirty coins. I'm sure they can find their immunity-boosting edibles somewhere else.

Let's teach those organizational skills early on! Just think of the pay-off when they reach adolescence. Surely this will translate into neatly organized closets and dresser drawers...surely.

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