Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Today we are starting a new quick discussion format: Thankful Thursday!

I'm sure many of us are anticipating a lovely long holiday weekend with friends and family and are looking forward to cookouts and pool time. It has been blazing hot here all week and I am thankful to be currently sitting near a vent that is blowing chilly air on my bare feet. 

When we started this blog, Kylee and I wanted a place where other moms could get involved, share our experiences and maybe present a few creative ideas, but we also want this to be a place where moms can be thankful for what we have today—right now. We presented this idea here and we hope that in the weeks to come we will be able to look back at the comments and discussions on Thankful Thursday in a way that will eventually begin to change the way see things daily, in the moment.

Please join in the discussion and feel free to comment on the thanks of others!!!  I'll get the ball rolling by listing a few things I found myself thankful for in the past few days. 
(I scratched them down here and there since I have lost all ability to keep a mental note.)

  • Kids painting sandy sea shells with thin tempera paints
  • My little guy walking around with a plastic pink phone, jabbering away.
  • Morning baby smiles. I love greeting my little guy in the morning because he is always happy to see me!
  • Hot, Dirty Bare feet.
  • Chasing the baby—the way he runs away from me, but also BACK to me when he gets too scared.
  • Sibling Love. Is there anything better than when a brother and sister play in harmony?
  • Brothers tumbling on the floor like puppies.
  • Overhearing my little girl say, “I love you” while holding my little guy in her lap.
  • The magical mess of a melting summer ice cream cone.
  • Twirling. Always twirling. “Watch me twirl. Watch me!!!”

*If you are having trouble thinking of anything to write today, start keeping a list soon, you'll be surprised how quickly they add up!

I'm very thankful for these 3 very special little people!

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