Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to Lose Your Marbles.

Here is a quick indoor (or outdoor!) activity.  This has been the hit of the week around here!
My son returned from a trip to the beach with his grandparents and along with other souvenirs, he was the proud new owner of a bag of marbles.

I know what you're thinking. Marbles? Really? How can marbles possibly compete with Leapsters, the Wii, and other more fast-paced games?

I'm going to suggest you spend a few dollars on a bag of marbles (or break out the bag that didn't sell at your last garage sale) and give them a try. My kids are in love!

If you have older kids and want to join them or teach them how to play a real game, here are the official rules.

If your kids are ages 5 and under, like mine, then I will suggest a few modifications:

  • It is best to have a large "shooter" marble for each child.
  • Make a "ring" with yarn or tape on the carpet, sidewalk chalk if you are outside, or if you have a rug in your home with a large shape, just use that.  We have been using a square on our living room rug.
  • Try to have around 30 marbles and place them inside the "ring."
  • The kids take turns "shooting" or tossing the large marble into ring. If they knock a marble out then they place it into their pile. Keep shooting until all the marbles are out.

Basically, break out the marbles, help them get started, but also encourage them to think of new ways to play! This is a great game to show kids how to take turns while fine tuning those small motor skills. Obviously if you have little ones around you'll want to do this during nap time and pick up the little round temptations before the baby wakes up.  Have fun and be prepared to hear the jingling sound of marbles in a bag! 


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