Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Say Potato, I Say Mr. Potato Head.

The toy pick of the week around here goes to Mr. Potato head. He isn't new or fancy, but sometimes the best toys are the ones that wait in the toy box for a month (or year) until that special time when a little one discovers the toy for him or herself. Let's face it, we can't force our kids to immediately love every new toy we throw in front of them.  

My little guy was digging through the toys this week and was suddenly in love with Mr. Potato head. He is a fan of Toy Story, so it makes sense that he would love this nostalgic toy that has already withstood the test of time.  My big kids--ages 4 and 5, also love changing things around on Mr. Potato head.  If you want to read all about the history of this great toy, check this out.  

The great thing about Mr. Potato head is that he can play along as a main character in any Toy Story your kids may create on their own, but he can also be used as a refresher course to identify face and body parts since they are fun, and removable. 

My little guy loved pointing out the hat, shoes, arms, eyes, mouth, teeth, etc.  I also try to double up on learning moments when they arise during playtime by also throwing in some color training (ex. blue shoes, green hat, pink ears.)  Some kids aren't willing to sit and go through 50 flashcards or board books when they have so much toddler energy, but they think it is fun to learn when they are playing with a toy. Mr. Potato head is also another great small-motor skill developer for those little ones, and also the big guys!  Many other toys out there have these same learning capabilities, but for us this week, the award goes to Mr. Potato head!


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