Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm working on being more observant and thankful for the beautiful, everyday gifts in my life, but it is not yet an easy or constant practice. It takes deliberate effort to stop and see...with my senses and my soul. I want to have a truly thankful spirit...I know there are blessings and glimpses and all-out-wondrous-displays of God's goodness all around me, but I am so often blind in my rush and daily busy-ness.

Today I took some time to sit and purposefully observe.

I am thankful for the hundreds of shades of green I can see in my backyard.
...for the lulling sight of gently swaying treetops.
...for the delightful giggles of little children.
...for the interesting ants on my driveway as they scurry busy!
...for the sound of tires swishing through puddles.

...for that wonderful, earthy smell after a rain.
...for baby hair that is so soft and smooth.
...for the roses blooming on that random bush in my yard...that vibrant coral color!

The beautiful is all around...I hope you enjoy a beautiful day!

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