Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Aftermath. Late Nights, Early Mornings.

When two out of three kids fell asleep in our laps during the grand finale of the Fourth of July fireworks display, we knew it had been a fun-filled family day. Although he was exhausted, my little guy still managed to be up bright and early this morning. He was less than chipper though, and his hair looked a little like an exploding firework as you can see here. 

(This is what happens when a sleepy, sweaty head is ground into a pillow all night.)
The fourth of July is always a great day for family, and yesterday it included the 4 “C's”: Cookout, fun with the Cousins, lots of Croquet (essential for my husband's family), and Cars 2—my big kids and husband both thoroughly enjoyed this movie, especially since they saw it for free using some credit card rewards points we had been saving.

It was a hot and muggy day, but the thunderstorms held off and we enjoyed an amazing display of booming explosives in the night sky. Even though the 4th always marks a bittersweet mid-point to summer and reminds me that fall is inevitable, I enjoy these holidays more each year. Now that the kids are big enough to “ooh and ahh” and play with cousins and wave small flags and attempt to play croquet and sing made-up songs and eat lots of ice cream, all while scratching dozens of tiny mosquito bites, I know they are catching these moments like snapshots in their minds. I hope they will remember every detail of these hot summer nights when our family sat together under the booming sounds and colorful celebratory lights.  What are some of your family traditions and favorite 4th of July memories?

What we remember from childhood we remember forever - permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen.  ~Cynthia Ozick

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