Monday, July 25, 2011

Animal Sock Puppets

So, if you win the puppet theater in our Giveaway, you're going to need some PUPPETS to use with it. Tara & I have Puppet Fever this week and are going to share some different creations for
puppet lovers of all ages.

Today we'll kick things off with the ol' classic, the Sock Puppet. Easy, and everyone should have some around to work with, right? Actually, I bought mine after checking my "mate-less" stash in the laundry room first...but they were a little small. Or oddly colored. Or rather worn. Or all three.
Sooo...I left them there and splurged on 3 new pair at the dollar store.
Then I grabbed a few things from around the house...felt, fabric scraps, glue gun, twine,
rubber bands, and buttons.

We had a lot of fun coming up with our animals and making the parts for them. I think my fav is the elephant...his little rubber-band trunk! My daughter's infatuation with mice continues...hence, the pink mouse with purple eyes.

And then we decided on a pig and wolf so we could perform The Three Little Pigs.

They are also great arm-warmers if you find the A/C a little chilly in comparison to the heatwave outside. I think Mr. Elephant will be reading the bedtime story tonight...better go work on my low nasal impersonation.


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