Monday, July 11, 2011

Coffee Can Stilts. Or Tuna for Beginners.

This scene totally speaks childhood memories to me. My dad made us kids tin can stilts and wooden stilts, and we had a pogo stick...all of which made for hours of fun on warm summer evenings.

These stilts were super quick to make. I actually found a couple of old coffee cans in our basement...not quite the same size, but close enough. A good coat of spray paint quickly covered the dingy, slightly rusty cans. For my preschoolers, tuna cans seemed like a more manageable size.

Any wider can will work...try pineapple juice or large tomato sauce cans that can be emptied without cutting the bottom off. Just punch a hole in each side near one end with a metal pointy can opener or a drill. Then empty the juice, rinse out the cans really well, and paint them if desired. Rope handles should loop through the holes and knot inside the can, and should be cut long enough so your child is holding them about waist level.

The only thing I bought was the poly cord from Lowe's--it's smooth and a good thickness for little hands to hold onto. It was $3.

We had fun trying the different size stilts and seeing how fast we could walk. My kids want to make another tuna can set so they can race.

Ahhh...walking tall on tin was stilt fun after all these years!


  1. I love the mini stilts from tuna cans especially! Those would be perfect for beginners. I featured this in a Tin Can Roundup today too!

  2. LOL....I use to do this and had totally forgotten about it. That is so cute. I am going to do this for my three grandboys and see what they think....thank you, thank you for the reminder, and memories!

  3. Hi!
    I linked this great and fun idea to my recycle blog (, feel free to check it out, and thanks for eco idea! :)

  4. I feel like someone is going to twist an ankle...

  5. I'm nervous about one of my kids falling too but i figured they would anyway i have 2 that r 4 wnd a six yr old booboos r gunna happen just have to watch them and make sure the toy (just like anything ) is being used properly