Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eek!! It's a Mouse Birthday Party!

We celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday last night. At the park. In 100 degree heat. We had a great time and are thankful for good-natured friends and family! Her requested party theme was MICE. Not Minnie, not Maisy, just...mice. It took a little planning and crafting...strangely, the party stores and online suppliers don't carry much in the mouse department!

I love a good banner, and decided to try triangle cheese wedges and whimsical mouse faces. I used cardstock and started with gray triangles, then cut them a little more rounded for the mouse faces.

To make the ears more 3D, I cut a large gray circle, a smaller pink circle, cut a slit in each from the edge to the center and then overlapped the two edges to form a wide cone. I glued the pink inside the gray and attached to mouse head. Black marker made the noses and eyeballs. Some dark rafia twine made whiskers that were adorably askew when inserted through little slits near the nose.

The ears made the mice kind of top-heavy, so I taped coins on the back behind the whiskers to weight them. Oh, and they were just begging for little paws to hang over the string, so I cut little 3-finger paws with an extra long leg that could be folded over and taped in back.

Hobby Lobby had the Polka Dot Orange scrapbook paper that made perfect (easy!) cheese wedges. Finally, I cut slits in the mice and cheese with an exacto blade and threaded them on some twine for hanging.

For a party favor and fun mousey dress up, we made each girl a pair of mouse ears. We used gray felt squares, a little bit of pink fabric, some fusible webbing, and colored fabric-covered headbands.

I ironed the webbing to the pink inner ears, machine-appliqued each to a gray felt ear, stitched a plain gray back ear to each front ear, then hot glued them to a headband. We were going to paint a little black nose and whiskers on each girl-mouse, but it was a little too sweaty for face-paint.

Eek! I just spied a mouse over there! For an after-dinner activity, we sent the kids on a Mouse Hunt. I used this image, shrunk it to fit 9 on a page, and printed 3 sheets for my kids to color and cut out. We arrived early and hid them around the playground. The party guests enthusiastically searched out the hiding Mice.

Mouse birthday cake! It was a first for me to try fondant. I made marshmallow fondant (recipe here) and quickly found a new addiction. A little messy, but pretty fun. I'm typically not a rodent fan, but loved these little mice that were gorging on the “Cheese”-cake.

These yellow dot napkins which were kinda cheesy-looking came from Hobby Lobby. I bought yellow plastic tablecloths at two different stores so they'd be slightly different shades. I planned to layer them and cut holes in the top one to give the same swiss cheese look...however it was a little breezy and we had trouble just holding down one layer of plastic on each table.

Of course, had to serve lots of cheesy snacks with our picnic food...cheesy chips, crackers, cheetos, and cheese cubes. Thanks friends, for making it a squeakin'-fun party!

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  1. Thanks! My son is turning 4 and has also requested a mouse party, and it has been difficult finding ideas that at not Minnie or Mickey.


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