Monday, August 1, 2011

The Blow-by-Blow Game Night

We decided to beat the heat with an Indoor family night this weekend. Just for fun, we came up with games that all had something to do with Huffing & Puffing. Easy, lung-building games with minimal supplies needed: two ping pong balls, drinking straws, and balloons. We built up anticipation all afternoon with hints...the kids could hardly wait until supper was over.

 Balloon Pop was our first game. I cut some slips of paper and wrote a command on each, such as: Do 10 Jumping Jacks, Sing “Happy Birthday” to Raggedy Ann, Hop on one foot and count to 12, and Walk like a crab across the room (ours were obviously tailored to a six-and-under crowd). Then we put a rolled-up paper into each balloon and blew them up.

We divided into two teams and formed a relay so one person from each team ran to the balloon pile, chose one, sat on it to pop it, accomplished the action inside, and ran back to tag the next team member. Hilarious fun...especially the one-year-old off to the side trying to pop the same balloon for the entire game. We had prepared two balloons for each player....but when it was over, our kids begged for more.

For the next game, every family member got a straw, and each team got a ping pong ball.

We plotted a little game course through our kitchen, under the dining table, around the living room furniture, and back to the starting line. It was a team relay again, with two players racing against each other.

Each had to get down on hands & knees and blow through their straw to control the ping pong ball around the course and back to the finish line, and then pass the ball off to the next player. This one got competitive! I won't say who my defeated rival was, but I was able to make my break-away move on the first turn, when his 6-foot frame was forced to go scuttling after a wayward white ball.

Our final game was a big Hot Air challenge. Basically each person “defends” one side of the dining table using nothing but their sweet breath. Hands must stay under the table...only chins can touch it.

A ping pong ball is set in the middle of the table, and everyone huffs and puffs as hard as they can to keep the ball from rolling off their side. When the ball does drop off someone's side, that person gets a point against them. We played so that you took a letter in the word BLOW for each time the ball rolled off your side (in hindsight, PANT or GASP may also be appropriate) The last person to get all the letters in BLOW is declared the Most Windy in the family.  Warning: this game will produce lots of giggles.

Whew...did I mention I was a little perspiry by this point? So much for the “stay-cool-with-indoor-fun" idea. Fortunately, there was some ice cream in the house...we re-hashed our favorite game moments over heaping bowls of Moose Tracks. Love these sweet times of enjoying family moments together!


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