Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colorful Kiddie Clipboards

Mod-podge clipboards are popular crafts right now...and I've been wanting to make them for my kids for a couple of purposes.

To make a clipboard, these materials are needed: a clipboard (I got the smaller 6x9 size at Staples for $1.79), craft paint & brush, a sheet or two of scrapbook paper, scissors, fine grit sandpaper (optional), foam brush, and mod-podge.

To make a finished edge, paint the edges of the clipboard with craft paint and let it dry.

Then trace around the clipboard on the back of the scrapbook paper and cut it out. For this size, both front and back will fit on a 12x12 sheet. For the front clip, mark where the clip is with a pencil and cut a slot to fit.

For the metal attachments on the back, I hole-punched openings to help it fit.

Use the foam brush to cover one side of the board with a good layer of mod podge. Be sure the edges get enough to stick good. Lay the paper on and smooth it out...you may want to use a ruler or credit card to smooth any bumps. Do the same for the other side.

Let the mod-podge dry, then you may want to use sandpaper to sand off any edges that sticking out. If you sand away any paint, either decide you love the distressed look or touch it up with more paint.

Wipe off any sanding dust, then cover one entire side of the board with mod-podge, even the edges. Your brush marks show a little in the light, so you may want to keep them all going the same way. For the front, I covered the main open section, then got a smaller paint brush and mod-podged under the clip, but not where the clip actually clamped the board. Let it dry 20-30 min, then turn over and mod-podge the back. You may want to do a second coat for durability.

You now have a super-fun, colorful clipboard you can use to hang up photos, art, To Do lists, or shopping list/coupons.

As mentioned, I had a couple of specific purposes in mind for my kids with these.

As we started back to a routine this week, I decided our day would begin with breakfast and then some chores/clean up time before starting school. These boards would add a fun element to chore time...by giving them a checklist!

They loved carrying their lists around and checking things off as they were accomplished.

*I think I may make a few varied chore lists for each day of the week and laminate them so we can re-use them with dry-erase markers for checking off...saving time and paper!

I'll show you my Idea #2 for the clipboards later this week. Happy back-to-routine!!


  1. These are so fun! Love the colors you chose.

  2. I have a large one like this, but little ones will be perfect for the kids. Mine love to check off a list, too.

  3. I should tell my sister about this. It would really help with her daughter.

  4. I couldn't figure this out!!! But for those of you who are more crafty than I am, it's a great idea!!!


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