Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dry Erase Framed Scripture "Art"

Kitchen time...most of us probably haven't calculated how many hours we spend there a month, but I'm sure it's staggering! I figured those hours at the kitchen sink could probably be spent more productively than mentally redecorating my living room for the 800th time...

So I took a little inspiration I saw on Pinterest, and decided to create a quick little frame that would help me meditate on Scripture or pray for my kids while chopping veggies or scrubbing pots.
All it took was an old 8x10 wood frame I had in a closet, a sheet of scrapbook paper, and some spray paint.

First, I primed and painted the wood frame. The sticks underneath are to keep it from sticking to the plastic as the paint dries.

My other soon-to-be-patented tip is to use a plastic baggie (if no gloves handy) to keep your fingers clean...spray paint is sticky stuff on the skin.

Meanwhile I cleaned the glass and cut a sheet of pretty paper to fit exactly in the frame.

Once the frame was dry, I assembled the paper, glass and frame. Then I grabbed a dry erase marker and wrote out a verse that I want to remember all through my day.
Super easy! A damp paper towel will erase the marker, and the color of the paper can be changed up in a snap if I want variety. In hindsight, a 5x7 frame would be better countertop I won't put away the spray paint quite yet.

Praying this will help me seize some of those little “nothing” minutes that can add up to hours of time!


  1. I have done this under my computer screen and in the laundry room. Never thought of putting it in a high traffic area like the kitchen sink. haha


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