Monday, September 26, 2011

Imagination Booster: Lunch on a Pirate Ship

One day while running errands, we found a wide, sturdy cardboard box just begging for an adventure. So we brought it home, and after studying it on all sides this morning, decided it would be a PERFECT pirate ship.

I cut off most of the top flaps, leaving one short one for the front deck, then bent one long flap to make the hull, taping it all together with clear packaging tape. After much deliberation, we settled on a not-too-scary name for our vessel...The Sea Wolf

We added a dowel for the mast and my son created a Pirate flag from cardstock. And LOTS of glue.

I taped one side for durability, then hole punched it twice for the dowel to run through.

Everyone promptly ran to find their best pirate dress-up clothes...stripes, bandanas, eyepatch, jeweled swords...typical pirate duds.

I wasn't sure what pirates ate for lunch...but decided tuna "fish" sandwiches cut with cookie cutters, and cucumber Sea slices with cream cheese to hold fish crackers and seaweed (cilantro) were just the thing for Captain Mario, Pirate Pinkey, and our Little Messy Matey. 

So me 'n' these here scurvy scallywags drug our sorry keesters out t'th'ship'n'had us a grand great adventuaaarrr! 


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