Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Printable Gift Tags on Address Labels!

I am trying--TRYING--to stay on top of things this year.  Rather than getting bogged down by the many things to do this season, I'm hoping to tackle little things each day and enjoy many memories with the kids this year.

In the spirit of getting things done, I have most of my gifts wrapped already. And every year I get annoyed when I have to pay for the sticker labels that say "To" and "From" ...especially when I am wrapping multiple tiny gifts for my own kids. In previous years I have resorted to writing names directly on the paper with a sharpie, but this year I decided to print my own tags on printable address labels and voil√†, it worked! 

If you have a packet of these address labels around the house, then you are ready to make 30 of your own Christmas stickers! If not, you can find Laser/Ink Jet address labels at any large retailer (Wal-mart, Target, etc.)
Simply go here and print this page on your label sheet (or on regular paper and use glue or tape!) and you have 30 stickers to help make your season simpler (and cheaper!)

I hope everyone is enjoying the memories and opportunities that are presented to us during this season. Don't forget to smile when you see 4 ornaments hanging from the same lowest branch on the tree and the needles that are slowly spreading throughout the house!


  1. Cute idea =-) We do so many fun things with address labels!! LOVE them!

    Congrats on winning a guest post -

    Beth =-)


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