Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick Craft: Craft Stick Puzzle


This is the cutest and easiest little puzzle idea! I've seen it in a couple of places and decided to give it a try. You may have the supplies already on hand: craft sticks (I used the wide ones), acrylic craft paints (or paint pens), brushes, masking tape, and a marker.

For my pictures, I searched online for Fall clipart image and printed out a few.

Line up 7 craft sticks tightly together and tape diagonally across the back.

Turn it over. Now you can either paint a background color, or leave the background natural and trace your shape with a marker.

The fun part: painting! I went with larger, simpler pictures since I didn't have a fine paintbrush or paint pen to work on small details. For younger children, you probably want pictures with more obvious detail (jack-o-lantern face would be easier than plain pumpkin). I outlined them with a black permanent marker again when they dried. My daughter could hardly wait to test them out after breakfast.

Wouldn't these be great for kid favors or busy activities at the Thanksgiving table? Or tuck a set in your purse for entertainment at a restaurant or appointment.
My kids saw the turkey pattern and are begging for it on a puzzle...I'm off to find a smaller paintbrush!


  1. As always...cute and fun ideas. Perhapth you should consider just making these in bulk and sending them to us! Who has time for all the cuteness!?!?? Love it though!
    - Kim


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