Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Lunch Love Notes: Valentine's Day Edition!

It's hard to believe, but Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Thankfully my kids are much too young to be frittering over the silliness that goes along with this Holiday, but whether it is February 14th or not, it is important to show my kids what LOVE is every day!

Several months ago I posted this idea about placing special love notes in your child's lunch.  I wanted to make a LOVE-focused printable as a way for us to share what love is with our kids leading up to a day when heart-shaped candy and flowers become symbols of love for us all.

Here are 20 printables for you to place in a lunch or on a pillow or beside a toothbrush as a reminder that Love never fails, and Love is kind.  These notes might open up a conversation about what love means to your child, what love means to  you, and most importantly who love is.  
For God so love the world.
God is love.
I hope everyone enjoys a special Valentine's Day this year, and may we show our kids what love is really all about!

And the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.
(1 Tim. 1:14)


  1. Awesome printable!! I LOVE it! I will be bookmarking this one to use in Feb. I may use a few for my husband's lunch as my boys are home with me at lunch, although I am sure I can come up with a few creative places for their love notes too! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much Trina--and yes, this is a great idea for husband's as well! I am thinking about laminating and making a few of these more permanent, too. Enjoy!

  3. Great printable!

    Creative and Curious Kids!

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