Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day: Baking Up Some Love.

I don't normally post about baking or cooking (especially not cooking), but I had a successful cookie experience today that is Valentine's Day-related, so thought I would share it here!
I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to replace the classic peanut butter blossom cookies with heart-shaped Dove chocolates and today we tried it.  They are cute and delicious. Success!
Around here I like to bake on Saturdays since we normally just hang out at home. I wanted to make something seasonal for Valentine's Day next week.  Click here for the peanut butter blossom recipe I prefer, or use your own.  The only difference here is to replace the traditional Hershey Kiss on top (after the cookies have baked) with a heart-shaped Dove chocolate. MMM. I may never go back to Hershey Kisses.

My original plan was to let the kids help unwrap the chocolates and roll the dough, but with runny noses all around, I decided to let them wait and only help taste-test this time.  Letting the kids help, watch, or simply enjoy the fruit of the Little Red Hen's labor in the kitchen is always a great and tasty way to spend time together.  
Try them out if you get a chance!  These are great cookies to make for school, church, neighbors or friends. And don't forget to enjoy the words of wisdom found inside your Dove wrappers:


  1. I saw that on Pinterest and thought it looked like neat to try.
    Elizabeth Miller

  2. We just got our I-Spy owl today that we won in your last giveaway!!!! It's SO cute and great quality. THANK YOU!!!!!!


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