Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Sunday Tradition: The Hunt for Easter Baskets is ON.

SO, while I am currently compiling a list of songs, videos, verses and illustrations to share with our kids in the weeks before Easter that focus on the reality of The Resurrection, I have already received several requests for hidden Easter Baskets.  
I decided to hide the kids' Easter Baskets the night before Easter last year, then spent a few minutes drawing very SIMPLE pictures on cardstock--very similar to something you would see on Blue's Clues.  While the kids were outside I hid the cards in familiar places all over the house.  Each clue contained a drawing of where they would find the next clue/drawing.  They caught on quickly and the energy and excitement built each time they discovered a new clue.  
This is not award winning videography, but this is what our Easter Basket Hunt looked like last year!
This fun activity did not require much time or planning at all; my kids talked about it for weeks and still remember it one year later.  
While I want to place much emphasis on the true meaning and celebration for Easter this year, I try to remember that my kids are simply kids.  This is a great chance to bond and share an experience together!
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  1. Tara, did you hide them all in the same place and just have one set of clues?

  2. Hey heather! I hid them individually. Each clue represents the place (chair, bed, table) where they will find their next clue. The video does a better job explaining it than I can with words!
    Ex. The clue in the couch cushion has a picture of the fish tank, the clue on the fish tank is a picture of Maddy's pillow pet, etc. I'm sure there is no wrong way to do it! I'm planning on using more words this year since Griffin is reading more :) Have fun!


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