About Us

The Mud Pie Makers:

As a mom, the days can be long—filled with diapers, laundry, errands, chores, endless questions, sticky messes, and yet another meal to fix...but the fleeting years are short! We don't intend to waste the time we're given with our children, but it often happens when we're too busy keeping up with life's demands and when we don't purposely plan for memory-making.
Embrace this challenge with us. 
Can we take hold of each day? Can we choose to create memories? Can we play with our kids, can we be silly, teach a skill, play dress-up, work on a project, invent a game, listen to their stories, and see the world through their eyes?
The Mud Pie Makers is a place to find simple, creative ideas for living in the moment and forming fun family memories that will be shared during many Thanksgiving meals to come. This forum is an excuse to let loose some collective creativity, to keep us accountable of the fun we are creating in our own homes, and to open up conversations about the triumphs and failures we experience as the moms of little ones.

Kylee is blessed to spend her days at home with her 3 small kiddos. She's doing her best to savour these wonderful years while reading piles of books with them, watching puppet shows, playing Mother-May-I, creating cardboard box pirate ships...and daydreaming (that her bathrooms will self-clean while she's occupied with better things).

Tara is also leading a full and busy life keeping up with 3 kids ages 5 and under. She loves making couch forts, creating full-length musicals with tons of vibrato, and distributing spoons for batter licking.  She is attempting to balance the demands of home-making with the more important responsibility of nurturing the 3 smalls souls entrusted to her.

So, please join us in our attempt to stop and smell the roses, or at least help us track down that long lost dirty diaper.  It is around here somewhere.